Where in the World is Pastor Marjie?

Hello Dear Ladies ,

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  It’s been of the busiest season yet in my life, punctuated by the goings and comings of my sons who both live in foreign countries right now, my mom getting very sick and a two week trip to Mozambique – while there getting food poisoning and Malaria to create the whole Africa experience!

But now that that dust has settled sweet memories of Mozambique fill my mind.  One of the sweetest ones has to do with repentance.  You ask, “How can repentance be sweet?”  Oh really – it’s the sweetest thing of all – because without repentance you can’t receive forgiveness.  I think we all repent about things along the way…the kind that’s – “Oh God I’m sorry I just yelled at the guy who cut me off”… repentance.  But then there’s a time for deep issue repentance.  It’s the hardest at first but the sweetest in the end.

So there we were in the heart of Mozambique in a building filled with people that spoke and sang in Portuguese.  I have no clue what we’re singing but I’m dancing and clapping along with them because Jesus was certainly there with us.  Then a young man sat down with a guitar (very unusual instrument in this part of the country) and sang a song he wrote.  It was a slow song, and one by one, individuals got on their knees to worship – including me.  I went down to worship but Jesus wanted to do business with me there.  As he showed me some things in my heart, I began to repent and weep.  With no tissues in sight my tears dropped to the ground wetting the concrete floor below me.  It was hard, don’t get me wrong.  To see the yuckiness of your heart isn’t pretty, but the drawing of the Holy Spirit, taking you by the hand to walk through repentance is the sweetest experience that brings you closer to God than ever before.

There were people all around me crying and weeping on the floor.  When we went back to our seats the concrete floor was covered with puddles of tears. We all wept for different reasons, though many of those puddles  were made up of tears of repentance.  It was a beautiful sight that didn’t dry up for almost an hour.

How long has it been since you cried in God’s presence?  I hope you create some puddles yourself in the coming months – and I hope that one of those puddles of tears is because you let God work some deep repentance in you.  I promise it will go from a hard thing to the sweetest thing ever.

I’ll write soon again as I begin my Norway adventure…… Love you all!

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