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Worship Arts & Media

In our services, we endeavor to create space for people to encounter the presence of God and give him all the glory he deserves. Worship and Media Ministries help us do that. Through these diverse teams we take our passion for God and combine it with art and beauty, to make our worship experience the richest it can be.

This is a passionate community of musicians with a common interest in worshiping our Savior. Our skilled band members and vocalists practice together during the week, working hard to craft each worship experience.

If you play drums, bass, guitar, or keyboard and would love to be a part of a band that is passionate about worshiping God with your instrument, we would love to hear from you. The band rehearses on Wednesday evenings as scheduled and serves on the platform on a rotating basis.

Praise Choir
If you love to sing and worship, you will find a great place of community in Praise Choir. They serve every fourth Sunday in both services. Rehearsals are 6.30 – 8.30p every third Wednesday.

Vocal Rehearsal Pianist
Be a part of preparing for our Sunday morning services by supporting our Praise Choir vocal rehearsals, which are once a month on Wednesday evenings. Rehearsal pianists serve on a rotating basis.

Interested in volunteering in Worship Arts Click here to sign up or just to get more information. Someone will get back to you shortly.


In the media department there are many different areas and skill levels that support the entire church service.

The camera team brings the practical value of image magnification as well as artistry to enhance the worship experience. We have found people of all ages excel in this position. A steady, smooth hand and an artistic eye are helpful.

The lighting team serves the congregation with lighting-design to support praise and worship, dramas and sermons. We view lighting as an enhancement to the worship experience and desire to bring the best possible artistic and non-distracting presentation. A person with an artistic eye will enjoy this ministry.

The projection team serves the congregation, vocal team, choir and pastors with lyrics, announcements and sermon support. This important position requires an individual who will learn the songs, can easily read and follow written instructions and stay focused under pressure. A degree of technical efficiency is helpful.

This team operates the sound system for evening services. This ministry serves the congregation to bring them into a place of worship with the best possible mix from the instruments and vocals on stage. Experienced sound training and a musical ear are beneficial.

Service Editor
The service editor serves Sunday afternoon after the second service. Service editors preview the Sunday service recordings and edit as needed in preparation for uploading to Vimeo.

Stage Design
This team of creative individuals meets to design stage décor which is changed every six to twelve weeks. This this team is also responsible for design and implementation of our stage sets.

Stage Managers
This team supports the band and vocal team during Sunday services and during rehearsal. This position does not require any special sound training as it is a serving position to provide the band and vocal team with what they need to lead the congregation into praise and worship. If you can understand a graph, take direction, think and act quickly, you can support this ministry. A background in IT is useful.

Stage Set Team
The stage set team maintains and changes the stage sets weekly. Evening and weekend availability are necessary as there are many events happening on stage every week. A strong back and an eye for symmetry are needed as well as a memory for detail.

The switching team serves the congregation by merging the input from multiple cameras followed by artistically and smoothly transmitting that to the congregation. Multi-tasking ability is a must and the ability to function under pressure. The switcher is a director and an editor under live conditions, an artist and a leader. Experience is not necessary.

Video Editing
The video editing ministry serves the congregation with video announcements, sermon support videos, recorded service editing, production support, and many yet undiscovered areas. Artistry and technical ability are necessary. Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Avid and other editing programs are used for our in-house editing.

Youth Media Support
This team consists of individuals that handle the media needs for the youth ministry. The team serves in sound, lighting, projection and video editing for youth services and special events.
Interested in volunteering in Media Ministry Click here to sign up or just to get more information. Someone will get back to you shortly.

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