Love Makes Us Creative

Hi Dear Ladies,

Recently a friend and I had the opportunity to sit and visit with Reinhardt Bonke. Reinhardt  has been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967.  My friend told him about an outreach she did to reach the unsaved.  It was a beautiful event with prominent speakers that everyone wanted to hear, but you couldn’t come unless you brought someone who wasn’t walking with God. Reinhardt’s response to that was “love makes us creative.”

Wow!  I just can’t get that out of my mind!  Not long after that I talked with someone who was reaching out to a bunch of hard-hearted women. One of her ideas was to start by making them homemade cookies.

Love truly does make us creative. I think 95% of men and women have some sort of creative streak. After all, we were made in God’s image and He is creative.  But there is a group of highly creative people out there.  I know you can sometimes feel like the odd person in the bunch.  But I want to encourage you.  You have something pretty awesome to offer others – especially the church.  We need your ideas.  Those creative things that disarm people and open their hearts.  And whatever you do with your creative talents, if you do it with love as a motivator, God will use that!  It might be in the cards you draw and send to other people. Poetry, food, music and artwork you share with others.  The photos you take, knowing you’re capturing moments that will be treasured by many.

That’s why my heart soars when we do creative things at FFC. Not to be cool or different; but creativity that is motivated by love for others. A love that will find different avenues to express who God is. Creativity that finds avenues into a person’s heart that would normally be closed. Let’s stay open and expectant to what God wants to do creatively through you and through this church!

Let love make you creative!

With much love,


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