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Heart for the House 2018

The young man headed home, not knowing what kind of reception he would receive. He had walked away from the family some time ago, and things had not gone well for him. He was coming back home, not in triumph, but in deep trouble. As he came in sight of the house, he saw his father running toward him. The young man’s mind reeled, wondering what kind of response he would receive – an angry lecture, harsh judgment, cold rejection? But nothing like that happened. Instead, the father threw his arms around his son’s neck, and began to weep tears of welcome and joy. And as he looked over his father’s shoulder, he saw a large colorful banner being unfurled. The banner read...





This is how God feels about every person who moves toward him. He’s thrilled to see them, and he’s ready with a warm welcome. This is the message God wants us to communicate to everyone who comes to FFC...Welcome Home, you’ve found a place to belong! In 2018, as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we want to make this welcome sign bigger and brighter than ever before. We want everyone who comes here to feel at home.  Click here to see more of our Heart for the House vision.




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